Are you Tired of being Tired?

There are different types of trauma, and each person has their own, individual reaction... but if you are experiencing some of the following:

✓ A sense of laziness
Lack of productivity or inability to be productive
General malaise
Numbness or a desire to numb with alcohol/drugs
Interrupted sleep or inability to fall asleep
General fatigue for no discernable reason
✓ Flashbacks or other forms of reliving the event

✓ Hypervigilance
✓ Irritability and aggressive behavior

✓ Altered thoughts

✓ Sadness
✓ Anxiety
✓ Depression
✓ Anger

✓ Loss
✓ Fear
✓ Guilt
✓ Shame

You may be suffering from Trauma.

The Action Guide to Healing from Childhood Trauma can help.

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